Bye Bye 2020


We created five amazing cocktails for people to enjoy during the last week of the year at local bars and restaurants.
We celebrated saying goodbye to 2020 with these 5 special cocktails:

· Move-on 2020
(made w/ Dewar’s 15)
· Never Again 2020
(made w/ Dewar’s White Label)
· Ce La Vie 2020
(made w/ Dewar’s 12)
· See Ya 2020
(made w/ Dewar’s White Label)
· A la Chingada 2020
(made w/ Dewar’s Ilegal)

It was an awesome way to say goodbye to 2020, ring in the new year and of course open new accounts!
People were able to enjoy them at local bars and restaurants and also had the chance to win a bottle of Dewar's 32 by purchasing one of our cocktails and receiving a postcard where they wrote a message saying goodbye to 2020. The most creative messages were the winners.

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