Art You Can Eat

K.A.O Sushi&Grill

Buying local is important especially now, where businesses are closing due to the Pandemic. We feel we need to do our part and decided to support the work of an amazing restaurant. Kao Sushi not only whips up amazing dishes but they create works of art on each plate.
So, the idea was simple, we transformed a restaurant into a gallery and each dish into a work of art.
During a period of time, consumers were able to enjoy their favorite dishes on the plates and on the walls. Stunning pictures of food transformed the restaurant into a gallery. Also, consumers that ordered specific plates, were able to take home a reproduction of each Masterpiece.
Results were incredible. Social media impressions went to an all-time high.
Kao is not only still open but thriving in business thanks to their taste for good for and good art.

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